Epoxy flooring is one of the most robust and durable floor coating systems available today. It involves multiple epoxy layers being applied to a concrete floor.

Most surfaces have epoxy coatings with a depth of at least 2 millimeters. However, the coating can be as thick as 8 millimeters. A Swiss scientist, Dr. Pierre Castam, invented epoxy resin in the 1930s; epoxy flooring is the result of a catalytic reaction between resins and polyamines, which harden to give off a glossy appearance.

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Here are some common advantages of epoxy flooring systems.

Strong & Durable

Epoxy floors are strong enough to handle heavy foot traffic and even large-scale warehouse equipment.

With an epoxy floor coating, a concrete floor can withstand weights of 10,000 pounds per square inch. A rigid coating system makes the floor durable and resistant to stubborn stains and chemicals. It lasts for decades, saving you a ton of money on floor repair expenses.

Easy Installation

Many developers and architects choose epoxy flooring for projects due to the decreased labor time. An experienced flooring specialist can easily install epoxy coatings over tile and concrete floors.

Moreover, most epoxy systems are self-leveling, which saves a lot of time and labor costs.

Chemical Resistant

Most manufacturing plants, food and beverage factories, textile warehouses, and pharmaceutical buildings have metallic epoxy floors due to their chemical resistance. Epoxy floor coatings add a protective layer to the concrete floor, preventing it from absorbing harmful substances.

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Epoxy flooring is cost-effective and convenient. Flooring specialists can apply epoxy on existing floors directly, without any floor removal costs.

Moreover, epoxy floor coating systems have made it easier for consumers to achieve attractive and elegant floors at highly affordable rates.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Epoxy floor coatings are excellent if you’re looking to enhance your house or office’s appearance. They allow you to pick floor shades from a rich color palette. Moreover, epoxy floors are highly customizable, which means you can choose from subtle, bright, glossy, and textured designs to match your brand’s identity.

The design versatility of epoxy systems allows you to express your vision in a very innovative way. An experienced flooring contractor can use flakes, additives, and shimmering chips to add a 3D effect to the floor. Additionally, it is now possible to customize epoxy floor coatings to give them hardwood or marble textures for a more classic look.

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