An overview of a black granite kitchen countertop

If asked to point to their preferred countertop material, most people would gravitate towards granite. Granite offers an assortment of functional and cosmetic benefits for every homeowner. It’s easy to maintain, very durable, natural, available in many colors, and more.

Here are some of the benefits of and reasons to choose granite.

Home Value

When it comes to the kitchen, one of the things people focus with regard to value is the countertop material. You’ll see peoples’ faces light up when they see granite countertops. While the following benefits are responsible for that joy, granite is also associated with luxury.

The more luxurious a person thinks your house is, the more valuable they think it is too. On top of its functional and design benefits, granite’s social perception adds additional value to it. As a result, granite will significantly boost your house’s value.


A pile of granite stones

Since granite slabs are natural, each slab is different and unique. Granite is also available in many colors. You can find granite in bright colors, like green, red, and blue.

You can also find simpler colors, such as black, white, and all the shades of gray between them. Given the variability of their veining and colors, granite countertops can mesh with virtually every kitchen aesthetic.


You also get to preview a litany of slabs before you make your purchase.

Resistance and Durability

Perhaps granite’s greatest selling point is its durability and resistance to damage. Granite countertops can easily outlast your and your house’s lifespans. They offer unmatched value for money since they have a use for such a long time.

Granite countertops are also resistant to staining and etching. If you’re not satisfied with its base resistance, you can quickly seal your countertop to completely deflect stains. Granite countertops also won’t be damaged by extreme temperatures. If you accidentally put a searing pan on your countertop, there won’t be any harm (just don’t make a habit of it).

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