Modern factory-style steel doors and windows add a sleek and stylish touch to contemporary homes in Carolina. Quickly becoming a favorite of homeowners, these steel doors and windows offer enhanced lighting, durability, and energy-efficiency to residential units. If you’re planning to install steel doors and windows at your home in Charlotte, Durham, Fayetteville, and other parts of Carolina, you may have several questions about the modern phenomenon.

However, the most frequently asked question pertains to the metal door’s longevity. Can steel doors and windows survive the temperature changes in the state? Pinky’s Iron Doors, a leading iron and steel door manufacturer, says yes. Here’s why.

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Classic look with cutting-edge technology

The ornamental steel doors designs have survived eons, traveled through various dynasties, and have now evolved to grace your front entrance. However, undermining the efficiency of classic steel door designs due to their look would be imprudent. These outfits are equipped with modern-day technology to provide corrosion-free, energy-efficient, and condensation resistant properties.

Some advanced technologies that contribute toward increasing the longevity of steel doors include:

Protective finishing

Rust is one of the prime enemies of steel doors. Moisture, humidity, and rain can lead to corrosion on your steel doors, challenging their durability. However, advanced finishing option such as a protective coating of zinc on steel doors helps them retain their shape and form and ward off corrosion. Depending on your budget and requirements, you can opt for barrier protection or cathodic protection.

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Hot-dip galvanization

Hot-dip galvanization is the process of dipping steel doors into molten zinc so that the extra layer of zinc on the steel provides insulation. However, door manufacturers also report that this technique requires expertise, and only people with experience should carry out the procedure.

Metalizing zinc spray

Another way of coating your steel door with zinc is through spraying zinc thermally on your steel door. This even layer of zinc can protect your door from rusting and increase its lifespan. The lifespan of the coating is directly related to the weight of every unit area. This means the more massive the layer, the longer your steel door will last.

Buy from the best

The guarantee of long-lasting premium quality steel doors can only be authenticated when you buy from trusted steel and iron door manufacturers. Pinky’s Iron Doors build double wrought iron doors, steel doors, iron doors, iron patio doors, thermally broken iron doors, pocket steel doors, steel sliding doors, bi-fold accordion doors, and black steel French doors at unmatched rates.

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