It’s often said that realtors don’t just sell mere properties; they sell dreams. While this makes for a nice sentiment, it’s not always easy to get clients in real estate. It’s a highly-competitive industry where you require much more than just good people skills to be successful.


So, what’s the key to becoming a successful realtor? Well, while good communication and negotiation skills are obviously important, what you really need is a good marketing strategy. Here are some tried-and-tested tips for realtors on growing their client base.

Social Media Is One Of The Best Marketing Tools You Have

When it comes to interacting with your existing clients and new prospects, there are very few mediums (if any) that are as effective as social media. It allows you to create an online presence, advertise your portfolio, and establish yourself as an authority in the industry.

However, just creating an official handle on various platforms won’t do anything.  The content you put on popular social media channels—such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest—should captivate your visitors and followers, and compel them to interact with your publications.

Moreover, some social media platforms provide you with dynamic tools through which you can easily reach your target audience.

Facebook’s “Marketplace” is a good example. It allows you to create a catalog of your products, which are your property listings, in this case.

Partner With Home Builders

When it comes to residential real estate, new construction homes are undoubtedly one of the hottest categories right now. Traditionally, builders and realtors have stayed in their own respective lanes. Why? Well, builders have always preferred to sell presales over building inventory homes on speculation, while realtors preferred existing homes which they could list on their site and show it to their buyers.

These differences have kept realtors from taking advantage of what builders have to offer. However, the ultimate objective of a realtor is to help families find the home of their dreams. And with the rising popularity of new construction homes, realtors could gain a lot of business by working with builders.

Take Advantage of Real Estate Listing Websites

Online real estate listing platforms are a great way to gain access to a large base of qualified customers. Then, there are new home inventory search tools, like Builders Update, that share ad information and invite builders and agents to collaborate.

Builders benefit from the greater exposure, while realtors benefit because they get detailed information on all the listed properties.


An extremely useful new home inventory search tool for real estate agents, Builders Update helps agents connect with home builders and form mutually-beneficial business partnerships. Sign up with them today and bolster your bottom line.