Parsing through numerous furniture catalogs can be a taxing and annoying process, especially if everything’s of comparable quality. However, if you thought that was the hardest part about dealing with furniture, here’s some bad news: you still need to arrange that furniture.

Now, if your first thought upon reading that was “that doesn’t sound too bad,” you’re either a furniture-arrangement expert or have never done this before. Once you begin the process, you’ll realize how small arrangement mistakes will begin to irk you, even if you can’t place your finger on what seems off about your living space. Here are some common mistakes you should avoid while arranging furniture.


If you’re set on making your room look big, ask yourself if that should really be your goal when arranging furniture? If you think so, then push your furniture to the extremities of your room. This will create the illusion of space, making your room seem more spacious than before.

However, revisit that question for a moment. Furniture arrangement is about more than just making a room look big. Suppose you’re trying to speak to someone sitting on another couch, which is very far away. Neither of you is going to enjoy speaking loudly just to have a conversation.

Purpose and Constraints

If your room is small, there’s a lot more you can do to make your room look more welcoming than spacing the furniture out. Think about what functions the room serves. Are people going to be talking, eating, relaxing, or working here? If, say, you’re rearranging your room to make a workspace; you don’t want to put a couch right next to your work table or within the visual range, or you might be tempted too often to take “a quick nap” on the couch.

How Many People Will Be Using the Room?

Another thing to keep in mind while planning is the traffic in the room. If you’re arranging furniture in your bedroom, a compact arrangement shouldn’t be an issue. However, if you’re arranging a living room, where guests and friends sit, you should create enough space for them to move around comfortably.

Arrangement isn’t the only way to use your furniture to enhance the room’s appeal. You can also get that furniture refinished, restored, and repaired. Get in touch with On Site Wood Wizard to revamp your furniture and give it a facelift. They offer cabinet refinishing, garage and entry door restoration, and more in Pleasanton, CA.