All those little repairs that you’d been postponing for the year appear as glaring problems to a potential buyer when your house is on a listing. As a seller, you’d want your home to be in the best possible shape without letting the process eat into potential profits by overspending on improvements. So, do you leave the improvements be? Or do you get them done?

According to the 2018 Zillow’s Consumer Report, 25% of the people who made small renovations and repairs before putting their house on the market sell it over the list price. Therefore, prioritize these 4 updates and get ready for a good deal!

Fix Damaged Flooring

Ratty carpeting and scratched-up wooden flooring can make your home look glum. After visiting your home, buyers may scratch it off their list. Want to increase your home’s value? Get new flooring!

Buyers don’t want to replace the carpeting after buying the house. Replace what’s worn out beforehand. Got hardwood floors? Get them refinished. According to the National Association of Realtors’ Remodeling Impact Report, you’ll spend around $3,000 on it, but recoup 100% of the amount paid. If you have the old flooring, swap it with hardwood. It would cost around $5,500, but you’ll be able to recoup 90% of the price.



Getting a fresh coat of paint will cost you the lowest and give you a reasonable return rate. Around 36% of homeowners choose to go this route before selling. A coat of neutral color can give your home a facelift, and you can’t go wrong with it, because who doesn’t love a blank canvas to work with?

According to the National Association of Realtors, neutral tones and pastel shades are the safest to go. If you want to go a step further, you can’t add accent and two-tone walls in jewel tones. As far as your home’s exterior is concerned, go for whites and greys. According to their 2020 paint and color trends, NAR suggests choosing the color that resonates with your architecture.

Revive the Old Kitchen

Kitchens are one of the essential places in a home. You don’t need to spend a fortune and renovate it fully. Spending $65,000 on a kitchen isn’t smart if you want to sell. Kitchens only recoup 62% of their value.

So, if you’re renovating for sale, pay attention to high-impact and low-cost things. You can change the fixtures, paint or stain the wooden cabinets, and install new countertops.


modern kitchen

Landscape the Yard

No one likes a withered, overgrown, or patchy yard. It can be a major turn off. Remove the dead leaves and cut back the overgrowth. Lure your buyer in with an impeccably landscaped front yard. Re-sod and plant grass seed. Don’t forget to add straw or mulch to the bed. Add a few perennial shrubs and flowering plants to finish the look.

Buyers Don’t Want to Have Repairs Done

Would you be willing to buy a home that requires multiple costly repairs? Most home seekers want a comfortable home that fits their requirements and allows them to move in right away.

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