Laundry duty is a highly resource-intensive and polluting activity. The EPA points out that conventional dry cleaning practices use Phosphate and Perc, chemicals that contaminate water, soil, and even air.

In an effort to build a greener planet, the dry cleaning industry is shifting to eco-friendly and sustainable practices. Global consumers are now more climate-conscious too, and they prefer businesses that care about pollution and global warming.

Continue reading this article to uncover three ways in which eco-friendly dry cleaning and laundry practices are making the planet greener and cleaner.

Goodbye to Harsh Chemicals

The first step toward eco-friendly dry cleaning practices is switching to non-hazardous detergents. Climate-conscious businesses have embraced the latest, non-toxic wet cleaning and liquid CO2 techniques for washing clothes in this pursuit.

Another headline-grabbing cleaning alternative is the D5 silicon solvent, which breaks down into the soil. Cyclic silicon has been detected in some aquatic species and is not dangerous for marine life.

Washed and pressed shirts hanging on a rack in a dry cleaning store

Curbing the Water Wastage

A single laundry load consumes around 40 gallons of water, and much of it is flushed into the sewer system.  The wastewater contains Perchloroethylene (perc), an aggressive chemical compound that’s classified as carcinogenic by the EPA. These chemicals are used in the concentrated form, requiring more water for dilution.

Eco-friendly dry cleaners that use Energy Star-approved washing machines and environmentally safe detergents mitigate this pollution.

Energy Conservation

Eco-friendly dry cleaning businesses don’t use conventional washing machines and dryers. Traditional laundry procedures involve petroleum-based chemicals that make our clothes crispy and white but consume energy that amounts to 8,500 homes.

The Department of Energy suggests that using cold water to wash clothes can slash up to 34 million tons in carbon emissions.

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