Hiring a professional commercial janitorial service is one of the best investments you can make for your commercial facility.

Commercial cleaning companies like Queenan Cleaning Services discuss your business needs and requirements to develop a comprehensive customized janitorial for your facility.

But with so many options available these days, it can be a challenge to find a reliable company that provides commercial janitorial services.

Here are some tips to help you find the right janitorial company for your facility.

Check Their Reputation and Experience

Hiring a commercial janitorial service is like forming a business partnership that cannot flourish without trust. You want to be sure before investing in a janitorial service for the long-term to rest assured your time and money are going to the right people. To gauge the trust level of a janitorial service, focus on the following:


Pick a company that has extensive experience in the cleaning industry. The more experienced, the better their knowledge, expertise, and professionalism.

Types of Industries Served:

Have a look at their portfolio to check the variety of industries, commercial facilities, and work environment setting they have previously serviced. If they have worked for several businesses in your industry, it’s a plus point.

Reviews From Existing Clients:

Reputable and reliable companies will have online reviews and client testimonials on their website. If you don’t trust those reviews, ask them for references. If they have nothing to hide, they won’t hesitate to share references.

Ask for Their Procedure of Recruitment, Selection, and Training

A man giving an interview for a cleaner's job role in a commercial cleaning company.

A well-reputed company will pay particular attention to who they are hiring. They will only recruit specialized, qualified, experienced, and trustworthy employees to perform the cleaning service. Focus on these two points:

Staff Training:

Ask for how often they train their crew members. Whether the training is practical or just theory-based? If the cleaners are educated on the local laws, state regulations, and building codes?

Staff Screening:

Inquire about their employee screening procedures. Ask whether they conduct background checks, interviews, tests, and take references. Check if the company is following state and federal laws.

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