Almost 96,800 non-residential fires took place over the past nine years, resulting in more than $2 billion in damages.

Serious injuries and irreparable property damage can be avoided by investing in fire-resistant building materials for homes and commercial buildings to provide an extra level of protection.

When a fire develops in a building’s structure, it’s crucial that it stays where it is, giving residents sufficient time to evacuate before it collapses the building’s load-bearing structure.

While no building material is fireproof, MagMatrix Magnesium Oxide Fire-Rated Drywall can improve a structure’s fire-resistance by stalling the destructive effects of the fire. The precious minutes that it offers can be the difference between life and death.

Let’s go over the basics of the kind of fire safety a fire-rated drywall offers:

Reaction to Fire

When using building materials, it’s important to consider how a material will contribute to the fire’s spread in its early stages.

For this reason, all insulated building materials are given a Euroclass rating in accordance with BS EN 13501: Fire Classification of building elements and construction products. The rating helps construction engineers understand the amount of “fuel” that will be added to the building.

In order to receive an appropriate rating, tests are carried out to determine materials’ performance in terms of fire behavior, flaming droplets, smoke production, etc.

Products that are non-combustible receive the highest possible fire classification rating: Euroclass A1 non-combustible.MagMatrix’s fire-rated wallboards are classified as just that.

By choosing MgO non-combustible building materials, designers of the building can figure out the risk of fire within the building fabric while designing the building.

Magnesium Oxide Fire-Rated Drywall provided by MagMatrix uses magnesium sulfate oxide and chlorine magnesium sulfate oxide formulae to create non-combustible materials that minimize the risk of the building fabric contributing to the fire’s spread.


MagMatrixMagProfire-rated drywall

The Need for Dimensional Stability

Utilizing dimensionally stable products in walls and ceilings can help mitigate the extreme temperatures the lower insulation layers are exposed to during a fire.

Dimensionally stable SIPs and wallboards reduce the stress on the membrane and allow for a potentially longer-lasting wall and roof system.

MagMatrix’s A1 non-combustible building board is vapor-permeable and offers excellent dimensional stability. It also boasts the ability to resist frost, moisture mold, and offers excellent fire resistance.

Another reason why MagMatrix’sfire resistant drywall has a competitive advantage over gypsum drywall is that it offers high bending structural strength, excellent bond strength is breathable, fire-resistant, and is specially curated for ultra-low environmental impact.

So, if you’re looking for Grade A fire-proof MgO boards, get in touch with MagMatrix right away! They’re a leading supplier of fire-rated magnesium sulfate panels, in addition to MgO Subfloors and fire-resistant exterior wall sheathing.