A company’s workspace needs to be more than just a space where employees spend hours working hard to make the business a success. Employees spend more than a third of their lives at work, so the office should be a home away from home for your hardworking team.

An office should be a space where people enjoy spending time. The premises should inspire employees, motivate them, and help them to be productive, all while still reflecting your company’s culture.

Therefore, offices should have separate spaces that meet the various needs of employees. Here are some rooms and spaces every organization should consider having:

Meeting and conference rooms

Meeting rooms are present in most organizations today, but many would agree that they’re not used as much as they should be. Offices tend to have one or two meeting rooms which aren’t always enough for the number of teams present.

Having a comfortable meeting and conference rooms set up for the teams is the first step to productive communication between employees. These rooms should have all the facilities and technology in place, requiring the least amount of time to set up before a meeting. The rooms should have enough seats and space at the tables to accommodate the employees.

Employees can also use such rooms when brainstorming ideas or for more informal meetings that require some privacy.

Reception and greeting area

Every workplace should have an area that’s separate from the main workspace. Here, visitors or potential clients can comfortably wait for their interviews or meetings. Comfortable seating and nice ambience can really help boost the look of your organization, leaving visitors with a lasting first impression.

Phone room

Most companies today have open floor plans. Coupled with the open-door policy, this is a great way to encourage communication, but employees may feel like they have no privacy in the workspace. Create phone rooms in the office so that employees can attend to private calls without the risk of being overheard and disturbing others while they’re trying to concentrate at work.

Common area

It’s impossible for employees to concentrate on work for hours without getting a break. Productivity levels, motivation, and morale dip when everything is just about work. Give your employees an area where they can socialize with one another while taking a break. This way, they won’t distract others and can feel rejuvenated when they go back to their work stations. A common area should have comfortable seating so that they can relax for a while, grab a coffee, or have a snack.

Outdoor space

Being indoors all the time can take a toll on your employee’s bodies, especially since the human body requires fresh air and sunshine to feel refreshed. Around 80% of people who work indoors are known to have vitamin D deficiency. This vitamin is required by the body to absorb calcium, boost the immune system, and reduce inflammation. Not getting enough vitamin D and working long hours can lead to the development of aches and pains and, in some cases, osteoporosis.

An outdoor space gives employees a place where they can unwind and get some fresh air. Sunlight also increases the serotonin levels in the brain, helping employees feel more motivated and focused.

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