The Internet is full of extensive DIY tips and tricks for home decoration and improvement. But more often than not, they are expensive, time consuming and often downright unnecessary. What you need is something that gets the job done.

Here are four home improvement considerations you should make that won’t break your bank, and actually prepare you for the fall to come:

Improve Entrance Door

An essential upgrade should be in the form of bumping up the entrance of your home. You can go with something practical, like a sturdy wooden frame with a letter hole. The safer option would be to go with uPVC, a substance that provides extreme rigidity while requiring little to no maintenance.

While aesthetics are important, the purpose of doors is to provide security and peace of mind that you’re fortified safely within your home. Bolts and locks are a no brainer.

Garage/Basement Cleanup

The garage is called  “America’s favorite room.” Along with basements, garages are commonly used for storage rather than parking. Rather than get a toolshed, people like to dump all of their tools in the garage. There’s a lack of organization for how items are stored in. People claim that their garages are too cluttered, even to fit their cars.

So, it’s crucial that your workspace, be it in the garage or the basement, be clean. Compile and categorize all your tools and items so you can find them right away when the need arises.

home improvement tools

Improve Home Lighting

Tungsten bulbs and LEDs start to go dim after extensive usage. As fall arrives, the nights get longer, and it gets dark earlier. You wouldn’t want to be caught up bumping into things or having no sense of direction because you didn’t get your bulbs fixed or upgraded.

Set up an adequate amount of lighting around the house, especially in high traffic areas, stairs, dining rooms. Putting up some lights outside the house would also be wise, in case you ever go out late or have any unwanted visitors in the dead of night.

Setting up Shelter

Consider setting up a shelter in your house. You never know when a tornado may hit, and FEMA recommends being prepared for anything. You will have to increase the size of the shelter depending on the number of people that will be inside, and considerations regarding the type of the shelter i.e. underground or a steel room, can vary on whether someone in your home can climb stairs or not.

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