Termites are known to eat wood and ruin homes and furniture. You can easily identify them when you see wood with holes in it or lots of sawdust below furniture that has not been touched in ages. Termites can also fly. Many people don’t know this, so tend to ignore flying bugs. If you’ve noticed unusual flying bugs in your home, here’s how you can find out whether their termites or not.

Are they Termites?

Winged termites will have 6 legs, a small black head and white wings. Though they look a lot like flying ants, there are some characteristics that give them away. Firstly, winged termites tend to shed their wings quickly after they begin to fly, so if you see small bug wings in your doors or windowsills, it’s likely you have winged termites in your home. Secondly, they rarely ever travel alone. So, if you see many winged ants flocking together, chances are, they aren’t ants at all, and you need to call an exterminator to get rid of them.


Termites roaming around a mound.
Are They Harmful?

If your concern is whether they’ll bite you, don’t worry. Termites have the ability to bite, but they rarely ever bite humans. They bite wood and other insects if they are provoked, but never humans.

They can’t harm you as much as they can harm your house, and if you have winged termites, your house has already undergone a fair amount of harm. This is because termites only develop wings after 2–5 years of having formed a colony, which means some part of your house has been eaten away by termites for the past 2–5 years. It’s best that before they do any more harm, you get rid of all of them together.

How Do I Get Rid of Them?

The best advice is to not try on your own. You may be successful, but it would not only be a temporary success and they may come back. Instead, you should hire a professional service to get rid of the termites in your home.

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