Old furniture doesn’t have to be thrown away, it can be re-used and upcycled into brand new furniture with these few simple tips:


  1. Printed Pads or Cushions

Even though your dining chairs may have lost their shine over years of service, adding a cushion or a pad to them could give them a brand new vibe altogether. These inexpensive pads can be designed based on your interior theme so that everything works in harmony. You can choose from bright yellow for an extra pop of color to an embossed or printed gray to keep it classy and elegant. These will not only uplift their appeal but will also add a cozy feeling for your comfort.



  1. Sleek Slipcovers 

If the couch in your living room has faded over time and has begun to affect your room’s overall aesthetic, there’s no need to toss it out; a simple slipcover will do the trick. For stained fabrics, this the best cover-up. You can choose from a variety of materials, such as breathable cotton, daily use linen, or even extravagant silk for extra grandeur. The best part is that these can be easily removed and changed based on your preference and interior design. You can have custom slipcovers for every season!

wicker chair with white textured throw pillow.

  1. Customized Contact Paper 

If your nightstand is desperately calling for help, contact paper is just what you need. This is waterproof and provides long-lasting cover-ups for any flat surface. You can personalize your tables with contact paper on your choice. Although there are countless textures, patterns, and colors readily available, you can also create your design and get it printed. A one-of-a-kind table indeed!

  1. Trendy Throw Pillows

New throw pillows can give life to any tired piece of furniture. They tend to steal the show with their puffed-up look, giving your old furniture a break from the spotlight. Like all the other options mentioned above, throws pillows come in a large variety of colors and patterns and are customizable. You can get your initials, family pictures, or even your favorite art pieces printed on these pillow covers. To add a little trendy touch, pillows lined with tassels are stylish and tend to give the room a funky look.


  1. Paint and Polish

Besides adding material, you can give your furniture a coat of paint for a breath of fresh air. Pastel-colored chairs and tables are making their way into furniture catalogs as they work well with minimalistic and modern décor.

For your classic wooden furniture pieces, a quick polish and clean is an effective solution. As tough as it may seem, wood pulp is extremely sensitive to harsh chemicals and can cause deterioration. Choosing a chemical-free furniture polish will give long-lasting results while preserving the quality of your wood.


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