A well-maintained outdoor space can do wonders for your home. It boosts residential value, becomes a viable place to entertain guests, and generally beautifies your home. Moreover, if properly planned, it can also offer numerous security benefits by warding off prospective robbers.

While landscaping is an integral part of developing your home’s exterior, so is lighting. Here’s why and how you should upgrade your home’s outdoor lighting.

Interior-Exterior Transition

Correctly organizing your outdoor lighting creates the illusion of a larger exterior space. This offers numerous benefits, but one of the more significant ones is comfortably arranging outdoor social activities at night. Since lighting draws attention to its surroundings, you can get creative. Place your lights around landscape features to make them stand out. Moreover, you can use lights to highlight the paths from your interior to the exterior.


While the above are some design recommendations, the real upgrades to your outdoor lighting should enhance security. Most burglars attempt to break into homes with lousy lighting, as it allows them to remain concealed at night. Darkness is a burglar’s friend. Consequently, the more you do to get rid of darkness, the more secure your home becomes.

For instance, motion-activated lights are very effective at deterring burglars. Not only do they increase curb appeal, but they also function as a visual alarm of sorts. Generally, the better-lit your home, the less likely a burglar will try to break in.


Placing lighting fixtures close to your exterior pathway is a great way to prevent accidents. In tandem with the above design recommendations, lights can be used to safely guide people outside your house. The best way to upgrade your outdoor lighting’s safety is to shift from incandescent or fluorescent lighting to LED lighting.

Incandescent bulbs release 90% of their energy as heat, which means they’re a significant fire hazard. In contrast, LED bulbs barely emit any heat. If you touch them while they’ve been on for a while, they’ll be slightly warm, if not cool. LED lighting also lasts much longer than incandescent and fluorescent lighting (50 times more than incandescent and 10 times more than fluorescent).

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