Renovations are great for making some much-needed changes around your property. While some are for aesthetic purposes, others give your space a touch of functionality. A lot of the renovation decisions you make will stick with you for years to come, so make sure they’re well thought out.

Your home’s flooring is one such choice, as it pulls the entire room’s look together. Lately, epoxy flooring has gained quite a lot of traction in homes and businesses alike.

How does this new type of flooring type fare against two of the most trusted traditional flooring options? Let’s find out


Carpets are perhaps the most common type of flooring available for both businesses and homes. They come in a wide array of colors, styles, and textures, making them an obvious choice for many people.

However, while carpets help you achieve a beautiful space, you might find that the maintenance tasks they create are hard to keep up with. Weekly vacuuming and shampooing—carpets take up a lot of your time.

They also force you to be restrictive, since pets and children might spill something on them.

Contractor applying the final coat of epoxy flooring

On the contrary, epoxy flooring gives you the choice to explore many different colors and textures, while simultaneously enjoying other benefits that carpets lack. Thanks to epoxy coatings, your new flooring will have a protective coating that makes spills and stains easy to wipe off. They also tend to be moisture-proof, so spilling something that could ruin the surface is not a worry that you will have.


Tiles are easy to install and come in a wide array of designs that could fit well in nearly any setting imaginable. Although pretty, tiles are known for being incredibly fragile.

Unless you are willing to invest a lot of money, most tiles—such as ceramic or porcelain—break easily. The constant replacements will cost you a ton of money.

Epoxy tile flooring has the added advantage of durability. Used widely in factories and garages, epoxy flooring is known to be able to withstand heavy machinery and performs well in homes. This particular flooring expenditure may be expensive at first, but there is no worry of constant replacements.

Make the Right Choice

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