If one of your goals for this season is to become more energy-efficient around the house, especially when it comes to managing your home, you need to pay more attention to the roof!

When it comes to curb appeal, energy-efficient homes (and roofs) are taking the cake, and everyone wants to jump on board. Why is that so? For starters, the roof is directly exposed to the sun, which means it plays an imperative role in regulating a home’s temperature.

Here are some ways you, too, can boast about an energy-efficient roof.

 orange roof tiles


Choose the right materials for your roof

One way to keep your home cool is to upgrade your roofing system with better materials. Metal roofs are notably better at reflecting heat and light and block radiation that causes your roof/home to heat up faster. You also can choose from a range of designs and colors, since both light and dark colors work well to reflect heat and light.

Ask your roofing contractor to tell you about the material’s Solar Reflectance Index, which helps you determine the roof material’s thermal properties.

Opt for insulation in the attic

Insulation in the attic is crucial, as it blocks heat from escaping or entering your home from the attic. Ask a professional to install insulation as this is a complicated process and is best left to roofing contractors.

Attend to leaks on the roof immediately

Roof leaks are the number one cause of compromised insulation, which can significantly affect energy efficiency. Any minor or major water leak can make the insulation less active, causing the energy bills to spike. Regular inspections will help you stay on top of holes and avoid any surprises! Make sure you also prioritize cleaning your roof regularly; once a month and mandatory after a storm etc.


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