More than 62% of households in Australia own a pet. Although pets may be a great addition to families, inappropriate urination is something most owners are troubled by. Being a biohazard waste, pet urine that can be particularly damaging to human health issues if left unattended for too long.

Read on to find out more about the effects of residual pet urine on carpets.


The strong smell of ammonia is the first indication of animal urine in carpets. Ammonia is present in all urine but is present in a higher concentration in cat urine, so even a small amount can smell very strong.

If not cleaned immediately, this urine dries up and crystalizes, which causes an even stronger odour. Continual inhalation of this ammonia can be damaging for the lungs, especially to people who suffer from emphysema, COPD and asthma. Once inhaled, this odour can damage the airways, which results in tracheal burns, alveolar edema, cough, phlegm, infections—all leading to respiratory fatigue and breathing problems.


Exposure to Bacteria and Microorganisms

Bacteria that grows due to pet urine stains can have varying effects on different people. Healthy people may experience allergies, or sinusitis, due to extreme exposure.

However, people who have compromised immunity, such as the elderly, infants and people who’re already sick, may be most affected by this bacteria growth as it can exacerbate health problems.

In more severe cases, pets that may be suffering from a bacterial infection like Leptospirosis can pass these diseases to humans.

Symptoms can range from mild flu to severe kidney or liver issues. Using a household disinfectant and disposable gloves while cleaning up urine of infected pets is vital.


Pet urine that’s not immediately cleaned can quickly soak into the carpet, which makes odour removal more difficult. Once the odour clings onto the carpet, this attracts pets to repeatedly urinate in the same spot.

Urine contains certain elements that attract moisture, which can trigger the growth of mould under the carpet. Mould such as Penicillium brings about respiratory problems, and Aspergillus causes lung diseases.

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