We spy with our little eyes, something lean, long, and wooden on your wall. Can you guess what it is? If you said the wooden frame of your oil canvass painting, you’re correct. But how many times did you pay attention to the decorative article before we mentioned it?

You may often admire the painting and ignore the wooden frame that provides its structural support. But wood is one of the oldest materials used for construction and furniture making.

In fact, wood-framed construction is still one of the most popular types of building techniques used for homes and office spaces in the US. Wood is long-lasting and intrinsically sturdy, which also makes it a perfect element to use in manufacturing furniture.

Here are a few other parts of your home that are made of wood and may not have caught your attention till now:

Wooden roof

If you feel like your home remains naturally insulated during the harsh winter months and sweltering summer afternoons, you have your wooden roof to thank. Wooden roofs are durable, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient.

This makes them the perfect element to use for building roofs that can provide insulation to homes.

Wooden trap door

Wooden trap doors are used to move from one level of the house to the next. You may have one that allows access to the roof or one that lets you enter the basement or the attic.


These don’t require a door handle or a lever mechanism to operate and blend with their surrounding by incorporating the same design of the wooden floor or the ceiling. This feature makes them difficult to spot, which is why you haven’t noticed that they need regular maintenance to remain functional!

Wooden and glass door bookcase

Sometimes wooden furniture is painted with colors that don’t reflect the wood’s natural texture. For example, your bookcase may be painted yellow or white, tricking you into believing that it’s made of an alloy. And since its doors are made of glass, you never got a chance to inspect the material to see what it’s made of.

But often wooden furniture is painted to protect it from rotting. When exposed to direct sunlight or water, some forms of wood may swell and become disfigured, which is why a protective layer of paint plays an essential part in protecting them from damage.

While there may be parts of your house that don’t come to your attention as often, there are some pieces of wooden furniture you do notice every day. Eventually, wooden furniture like sofas, coffee tables and chairs can wear out.

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