Finding the perfect kitchen cabinets is quite a stressful process. With so many styles, materials, and colors to choose from, home owners can find this task overwhelming. There are a few things to consider when choosing your home’s kitchen cabinets including but not limited to the design, how easy they are to clean, and hardware.

The choice can be made easier once you know the style of cabinet door you would prefer for your new kitchen. The kind of overall look you’re going for will affect this decision.

Here are some of the main kinds of cabinet doors:

Raised cabinet doors

Known to be the traditional American style cabinet, this type of kitchen cabinet is great for homeowners wanting to achieve a timeless and classic look for their kitchen. Raised cabinets have a slit between the door’s frame and central panel, creating a rectangle shape that emphasizes the depth of the cabinet. This cabinet style has been used since hundreds of years and can still be found in older homes.

Recessed cabinet doors

Image file name: recessed-cabinet

Image Alt Text: Luxurious kitchen layout with recessed cabinet doors.

Recessed cabinet doors are quite minimal in comparison to raised cabinet doors. They have a clean and simple design, suiting the aesthetic of homeowners who prefer clean lines in their interiors.

Recessed cabinet doors are also known as “shaker-style,” they bring a fresh appearance to the kitchen. This style of kitchen cabinets are more versatile and work with a number of interior aesthetics. It’s the perfect style in-between modern and classic. So if you’re a home owner who likes to switch up their style frequently, recessed cabinets are the way to go!

Flat panel cabinet doors

Flat panel cabinet doors are also known as slab doors. These cabinet doors are flat, with no slits, framing, or depth in design. Such kitchen cabinets are becoming more popular as minimalistic décor and aesthetics are on the rise. Millennial homeowners prefer such modern aesthetics when it comes to home interiors.

Flat panel cabinet doors can work with any type of hardware. They are also much easier to clean since there are no grooves or hard-to-reach-areas. These cabinets also look great in a wide selection of colors, however, millennial homeowners prefer monochromatic look or a neutral look.

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