House-hunting is challenging, especially if you’re looking to buy and settle in this home for the long-term. It’s one of the most important financial decisions you will make in your life and needs to be carefully evaluated.

If you’re looking out for the right home for yourself and your family, it’s important to stay vigilant. There are some things you shouldn’t compromise on, no matter how good the offer is.

More often than not, cutting corners in the short-term can lead to massive expenses and losses over time. Keep this checklist in mind and look out for these issues before you seal the deal:

1.     Watch Out For Funky Smells

It’s important to keep your nose in the air for stenches and smells around the house. Mold, water damage, spores, and rot tend to leave pungent odors that are difficult to mask.

The agent or seller may mask these smells with different tricks and products, but it’s crucial to keep your eye out for other signs, including flaky plaster, cracks in the walls and ceilings, and fresh paint that might cover water damage.

Water damage can be extensive and lead to issues that cost thousands of dollars in repairs and renovations. Watch out for these signs before making a decision.

2.     Are There Cracks And Fissures?

Cracks and fissures in the foundation, walls, extensions, and other damage to the structure can indicate a larger problem. If you notice several cracks, it’s worth bringing up with your agent and having the home evaluated.

Knowing a ballpark figure for repairs can help you negotiate and plan for future changes and projects, as well as maintenance.

Additionally, you should inquire about the age of the roof too. Most roofs are designed to last between 15-20 years, and replacement is incredibly pricey. Get details about these major costs that may creep up on you in the coming years.

3.     Check Room Size And Storage Space

How large are the rooms? How many of them are there? Are you getting enough storage space around the house? These are questions that you might not think about at the moment, but are very important to consider for the long-term.

A small, cozy 3-bedroom home might suffice now, but as your kids grow, or you need more room, or don’t have enough space for vacuums, linen, and clothes, it can be frustrating.

If there isn’t enough storage space, make sure there’s space to install alternatives like shelves, closets, cabinets, etc.

4.     What’s The Quality Of The Garage Doors?

Another very important aspect to watch out for is the type of garage doors installed. Old, rusty, worn-out doors are not only unsightly, they’re also a safety hazard. But luckily, they’re an easy switch, and upgrades don’t take too much time.

If you’re moving into a new home in Toledo, contact Darkinson Doors for their residential garage doors.You can get in touch with them to order personalized home doors too. Fortunately, poor quality garage doors aren’t difficult to replace—but the other issues can give you a run for your money!

Buying a home is challenging, but a little scrutiny goes a long way. Before signing on to anything, keep your eyes, ears, nose on the lookout!