The fundamental operation of sliding garage doors is to open and close to control the access to your garage—which depends on the door tracks. These are metal rails on either side of the door.

The vertical and horizontal tracks may be adjoined perpendicularly to suit low headroom and high-lift garage doors. The durability of the metal used in manufacturing the door tracks determines how well the garage doors function. Any faults in the door tracks can affect the housing for the door rollers. The damage can obstruct the way and compromise the security of the garage door.

Here a few potential problems that can occur with garage door tracks.

Misaligned Tracks

The door tracks can suffer damage on impact by a heavy object or slamming into the ground. An early indication of that is the shaky movement when the garage doors are opening or closing. In the worst cases, the doors can de-track entirely and come off altogether.

Alternatively, the tracks might get jammed and prevent the garage doors from moving. When this happens, it’s crucial to consult professionals who can approach the problem with some expertise.

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Dented Tracks

If you’ve hit the garage doors with your car or another heavy object, they may have bent under pressure. The damage may be minor or extensive, depending on the weight and force of the impact, but the consequences are severe.

Such door tracks need to be replaced immediately for the garage doors to operate safely. Experimenting with DIY hacks on them is a bad idea because you can harm the door or yourself during the process. Don’t risk it and consult the experts instead.

Roller Problems

As the name suggests, the rollers wheel within the tracks allows the garage door to open and close—leading to constant contact and friction between the rollers and the tracks. Naturally, any damage to the rollers will quickly transfer to the tracks as well.

If the rollers are metallic, they can leave deep scratches in the tracks that make the surface rough and obstructive—which is why you should consider nylon rollers. Consult a garage door company to get the right rollers installed.

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