It’s essential to secure the key entryways to your home to keep your family and belongings secure. Choosing the right door lock for your home ensures the locks can’t be broken easily by intruders. Door locks include doorknobs and deadbolts. Recent developments in door locks also allow keyless entry, a touch pad, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Here are some of the best kinds of locks to invest in:

Juno Entry Knob

The Kwikset 991 Juno is a great all-round lock that provides superior protection to residential properties. It can be rekeyed for security purposes or the convenience of homeowners. The set also includes a single cylinder deadbolt.

This top selling lock is available in a number of finishes so that you don’t have to compromise on the aesthetics in your home. Match the lock to the existing hardware around your house with the various colors they offer.

This lock system is ideal for rental properties as they can be rekeyed for new tenants. This lock is also built to resist lock bumping along with sturdy kick plate screws that are longer than other locks.

Schlage Connect Touchscreen Door Lock

If you’re looking for a touchscreen door lock, this is the best one to be produced. It’s a keyless door lock that’s resistant to wear and tear. Unlike pushbuttons, this system, this system has a fingerprint resistant screen that won’t wear out any time soon. This lock is also grade 1 certified by ANSI.

This system incorporated z-wave technology that also connects to your smart home system like google home and Amazon Alexa. With this integration, you can lock and unlock your home remotely and keep track of the activity.

With this system, you’re allowed up to 30 unique codes which makes it great for rental properties.

Addalock Travel Door

When it comes to portable locks, the Addalock Travel Door is a great option. It makes existing locks securer, which is handy when you’re traveling. This tiny device can easily fit in your pocket, bag pack, and luggage. You can install is quickly yourself and it can be used on a number of doors.

This lock is made up of a stainless-steel plate and installed from inside the door, preventing the door from being unlocked from the outside. Make sure you test the system out a few times to ensure it doesn’t get stuck and lock you in.

If you’re looking to get these lock systems installed, get in touch with My Local Locksmith. The company provides residential locksmith services in Arlington that includes rekeying, broken key extraction, and lock repair. Contact them at (682) 253-1593 to learn more about their services!