The number of coronavirus cases have begun to increase in the United States exponentially once again, making it dangerous for you to step outside. While lockdown restrictions may have eased, many people are more comfortable in their homes. With the virus having long term effects and leading to deaths in some cases, it’s best not to take a chance with it.

However, you’re not totally safe at home either. With incidents of crime increasing along with ongoing protests that can take a turn for the worse, you need to make your home safer during self-isolation.

Here are some tips to safeguarding your home:

Improve your home security system

If you already have one, consider having a home security system installed. These systems consist of motion sensors, cameras, alarm systems, glass break detectors, and window sensors. Such systems keep you safe and alert you of any suspicious activity. Couple a new home security system with new and improved locks for your home’s doors too.

Maintain the garden

Burglars try to get in and out of a person’s property quickly, without being seen. An overgrown garden provides the perfect opportunity for a burglar to strike. They can easily hide within the overgrown bushes while scouting the property. Make sure your garden is maintained regularly. Cut down any overgrown bushes, tall grass, and overgrown trees. An unkempt garden also gives the impression of an empty home, attracting more trespassers to your property.

Even expensive garden decorative pieces aren’t safe. Make sure all your gardening supplies, equipment, and other valuables are locked away in the garage or someplace safe and taken out only when needed.

Repair fences and shed

Fences are a great way to keep trespassers off your property. It also helps with keeping animals away too. If your home’s fence is broken in a certain area, use this time in quarantine to repair it. Strong fences are effective at keeping unauthorized people off your property.


Wooden fences and sheds, in particular, are prone to rotting when the wood isn’t treated regularly. This weakens the fence or shed, making it easier to gain access to your premises. For wooden fences, paint them and have the panels treated every 2 years to weatherproof them.

Make sure any valuables like gardening equipment and bicycles are locked away in a safe place, despite the fence upgrade.

Keep the windows locked

If you have a multi-story home, the windows can be an easy point of entry for burglars and trespassers. Anyone can get in through an open window and you wouldn’t even know if you’re in another part of the home. Make sure your windows are locked, especially at night. Keep the windows open when you’re in that room. Before going to bed, check all the windows of your house, especially at the lower level.

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