There are all kinds of themes to choose from when it comes to home exterior design, with one of the most popular ones being a vintage look. This is especially true for older homes that would require major renovations if they were to be modernized.

Vintage designs are elegant and luxurious, and speak of times when things were better. From the grandeur of wood to dramatic decorative lighting, the theme not only gives your house a brand-new look, but also raises its value in case you ever feel like putting it on the market.

If you’re thinking of playing up the look of your home’s exterior according to a vintage theme, these tips will help.

Maximize The Wooden Features

When talking about a vintage theme, you can’t leave out the obvious hint of warmth and character that comprise a major part of it. To truly bring out a nostalgic feeling, maximize the wooden features and keep other materials—such as gypsum wallboards—aside.

Natural wood has earthy tones that match the vintage aesthetic. The textured look will lend the front of your house the perfect backdrop, so you can experiment with other colors.

Create Contrast And The Theme Palette With Muted, Neutral Colors

Vintage is all about timelessness, and evergreen aesthetics are always composed of muted, earthy, and neutral tones that never go out of fashion. The idea behind the composition is to make it as well-blended as possible, creating beautiful gradients of colors that melt into one another, giving off the illusion of depth and space.

These combinations look even better when combined with wooden surfaces, wall drops, and background features.

Opt For Ornamental Antique And Vintage-Styled Exterior Lighting

The vintage aesthetic relies on a lot of different features; for example, surfaces, backgrounds, color themes, and even ornaments and décor items, but what really binds the look together is lighting.

If you haven’t already noticed, vintage houses don’t use standard lighting patterns or lighting fixtures. Instead, they rely on elegant looking Victorian lanterns and ceiling mount lamps to create the illusion of old money, class, elegance, and old-time luxury.

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