Try to remember the last time you were allured by a house with a shabby exterior? Go on, we’ll wait.

The exterior of a house matters because it sets the first impression. This is especially important if you want to sell your home down the line.

Let’s take a look at why home design matters:

It Gives Life To Your Home

You’d never eat a pizza that was delicious but looked terrible, right? Not because you have anything against it, but because you just can’t trust what’s inside it, based on how it looks.

The same applies to houses. Exterior design adds life and a sense of brightness to your house, making for a more pleasant space. Properly designed bolster curb appeal, which elevates the overall aesthetic of the house, giving it a warm and welcoming feeling.

Helps Leave A Good First Impression On Guests And Potential Buyers

You don’t want to turn guests and potential buyers off as soon as they look at the exterior of your home, do you? The pizza example applies here too. Your home’s exterior speaks volumes about who you are and how you live.

So, whether its friends or family who are visiting (or if you’re showing your house around to potential buyers), an interesting exterior is important because it will help set a good first impression, and will encourage them to stay for longer. Not to mention that they’re likely to feel better about the quality of their visit or stay.

Raises The Value Of Your House

A lesser-known fact is that a high-quality exterior—fresh, earthy-toned paint, antique lighting fixtures, benches, and a well-manicured garden, to name a few examples—raises the value of your house considerably.

If you want to drive curb appeal through the rood, make strategic investments in landscaping and your home’s paint job.

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