Premium laundry service can be highly resourceful during health crises. Reliable and efficient service providers like Sterling Cleaners offer a wide range of services, including dry cleaning and alterations and shoe repair, to meet the laundry requirements of residents sheltering in place.

Their free laundry pickup and delivery service can be beneficial for many people who are stuck at home and practicing social distancing.

Here’s how they’re helping the residents of Washington DC cope up with the current COVID-19 outbreak:

Disinfects clothing

The novel coronavirus is highly contagious and has affected millions of people worldwide. According to medical experts, the virus can survive outside the body for as long as three hours.

Disinfecting clothes regularly is crucial in maintaining a safe and hygienic environment. A premium laundry service can wash, tailor, and press your clothes professionally to ensure that they remain in perfect shape.

Mends broken shoes

During the ongoing lockdown, when most stores are not operational, a laundry service that can mend your shoes is a lifesaver. The shoe repair and shine service at Sterling Cleaners offers restoration, replacement, and polishing for women’s heels, soles, and soles guards and men’s boots, boot soles, Vibram soles, tips, and heel plates.

So, if your favorite shoes are broken and you’re in a fix, you know who to reach out to!

Offers laundry wash and fold services

During the lockdown, like most people, if you’re working from home while taking care of your family, you may not have enough time to wash and fold laundry.

A good thing about premium dry cleaners is that they go a step beyond regular cleaners and offer laundry wash and fold services. Call Sterling Cleaners at 202-785-1444 and request their services for hassle-free washing and folding.

Provides free pickup and delivery option

Social distancing is the key to eliminate the novel coronavirus. Stay safe and don’t drive to your old laundry service. Minimize contact and request Sterling Cleaners to pick up your dirty laundry from your doorstep.

After cleaning and disinfecting your clothes thoroughly, they’ll drop the clean laundry back where they picked it up from.

Cleans large piles of clothing

Commercial laundry services use high tech washing machines to clean ample amounts of clothing together.

If you have a big family or have a huge stack of dirty clothing that you want to be cleaned during this time, you can count on Sterling Cleaners for a quick and efficient job.

Sterling Cleaners provides shoe repair and dry-cleaning services across Washington, DC. For more information, visit their website.