Bed bugs are very common insects in the United States. These stubborn parasites live on human blood and while these tiny insects bite­­­‑often causing mild irritation and redness around the bite- they don’t transmit diseases. Therefore, it’s important to keep an open eye to keep your space protected. Most people only look for bed bug infestation if they have burning, itching, or rash skin, but it’s not the only way to identify these tiny, blood-sucking creatures.

Here are three telltale signs that your space is infested with bed bugs and you need to call pest control service

Sign#1: You see bed bugs

It seems like a no-brainer, but unfortunately, many people have no clue about how a beg bug looks in real life. These small brownish insects are flat and wingless, roughly around the five millimeters in size. Some common spots to look for bed bugs are bedside tables, headboards, wall junctions and mattresses. When looked carefully, they are visible to naked eyes, so you don’t require any special tool to find them.

Sign#2: You find evidence

It doesn’t take a Sherlock Holmes to find the evidence of beg bugs in your space. These bloodthirsty insects shed skins, shells, and fecal spots which can help you confirm their presence. Always check the sheets and bed crevices of your mattress. Also, blood stains on your clothes are telltale signs of a bedbug infestation and indicative of the right time to call professionals to get rid of them.

Sign#3: Musky smell

A musky odor in your room is never a good sign. The reason is often a faulty HVAC system or water damage, but in many cases, the unfamiliar odor could be a telltale sign of bed bug infestation. Beg bugs are bloodthirsty creatures that release pheromones, which can result in a musky odor. It also shows that a large quantity of beg bugs has invaded your home, so it’s critical to have a professional by your side.

When do bed bugs bite?

Beg bugs mostly hunt their prey during the sleep. They use their drawn-out beak to pierce your skin and suck your blood. It can take them anywhere from two minutes to nine minutes. Once they satiate their need, they become puffy and leave the space.

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