You may like the idea of your bathtub filling up in no time, but the high-water pressure in your pipelines can be detrimental for your plumbing system. The undue stress on your pipes and fixtures can cause leakages and other damages.

In this article, we’ll take a more in-depth look at how high-water pressure can harm your home’s plumbing system.

Decrease the lifespan of appliances

Appliances such as water heaters and dishwashers can suffer significantly from high-water pressure. When an increase in water pressure fills up the heater to its full capacity, there is no room left inside the container to let vapors from the heated water escape.

This can lead to leakages and irreparable damage in the water heater that could’ve been avoided easily. Aging water heaters are also put at risk of bursting due to highly pressurized water flow.

Similarly, other appliances such as your dishwasher, washing machine, and ice makers can also suffer the wrath of fiercely flowing water in your pipes and bear damages. This can decrease their lifespan and cause early breakdown of otherwise sturdy appliances.

Dripping taps

Lead to extensive pipeline damages

Your pipelines are perhaps those elements of your plumbing system that suffer the most due to high-water pressure. Many pipe joints aren’t designed to stand water pressure of more than 110 psi. This means that critical pipe connections and valves are usually the first to erode.

If you hear a loud bang in your pipelines when you switch on the main water supply, you’re most likely dealing with a high-water pressure problem. Reach out to reliable and experienced plumbers at Your1Plumber to proactively treat the issue.

Cause continually running toilets

High water pressure can ruin the ballcock or float of your toilet’s tank and lead to a leak in the fixture. A continually running toilet isn’t just an inconvenience, but it can lead to skyrocketing water bills and increase your carbon footprint.

To find out if you’re dealing with high-pressure water flow in your toilet tank, listen to it filling up. If it sounds too loud, you most likely have excessive water pressure problem.

Rupture faucets and other fixtures

High-water pressure in your pipelines can cause faucets and showerheads to start leaking prematurely. Dripping taps can waste thousands of gallons of water every month and influence a spike in your water consumption.

If you hear a slamming voice when you turn the faucets off, it’s a surefire indication of increased water pressure.

Treat the problem of high-water pressure at your home promptly to avoid costly repairs and replacements. Reach out to Your1Plumber for same-day appointments in Columbia, Fredrick, and surrounding areas.

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