Has your family farmhouse gone without a redecoration for a really long time? Did you recently visit it and think that it looked dull and drab? Do you love the idea of redecorating and breathing new life into old places? Well, maybe redecorating your farmhouse could be the perfect project for you!

Designing or redesigning spaces, especially ones you don’t have a lot of experience living in, can be challenging. That’s why we’ve compiled our three favorite tips that you need to keep in mind to make sure it looks amazing.

Light Walls, Wooden Floors

To start with, look around at the walls. If they are dirty or done in a bright or dark color, you need to gather your paints and lay out a fresh, white coat. If you don’t want to go with white, you can also opt for another light color like pale pink, sky blue, or even light gray.

Wooden Floors

This will make sure to add a hint of brightness to the area and make any design elements you place inside the room really pop. The best way to complement these light walls is with an elegant, wooden floor.

Go With Printed, Or Painted Furniture

Painted or printed furniture pops against bright and neutral walls, adding a splash of much-needed color. Printed furniture items are one of the best ways to introduce accent colors to your farmhouse.

To start with, add a couple of printed sofas and chairs in the living room and go for traditional-styled patterned cabinets in the kitchen. However, when you’re adding colors, make sure to stay consistent within a set color scheme and don’t add too many different colors because they can overwhelm the eyes.

Experiment With A Vintage, Or Vintage-Inspired Theme

Farmhouses are timeless spaces, so the best way to design them is by adding a mix of modern and vintage accessories. For example, maybe add modern upholstery coupled with an old-style settee or décor items around the room.

Another way you can add a vintage touch to the space is by going for vintage lighting fixtures like lanterns and benches in your outdoor area.  If you’re looking for a reliable company to arrange ornamental antique and vintage-style light elements for your outdoor space, contact Herwig Lighting Fixtures.

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