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Whether you’ve always had a big family or have a little one on the way, creating a kid-friendly interior space should top your list of priorities.

Overlooking the importance of childproofing could end up causing injuries and make your children feel on edge.

If you’ve been struggling to figure out the best ways to make your home more kid-friendly, we’ve rounded up six powerful tips to help you get started!

1. Opt for Rounded Furniture

Harsh, jagged-edged furnishings are like hidden mines in your home. Trust us, you’d rather leave Minesweeper in your past.

Opt for rounded furniture to minimize the chances of potential bumps, cuts, and scrapes.

If you have a gorgeous harsh-edged kitchen island that you’re not ready to wave goodbye just yet, invest in protective edge and corner guards to maximize kid-friendliness. Browse the internet until you find the perfect option that matches your furniture and doesn’t look too noticeable.

2. Install the Right Steel Doors!

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Opting for low-quality, inefficient, and unreliable doors can increase the risk of potential injuries.

Nip the damage in the bud by investing in affordable arched steel doors that open and close softly. Here’s a roundup of our favorite arched black steel doors to help kick-start your inspiration!

If your children are between the ages of 6–24 months, we suggest baby-proofing the doors to further enhance safety. Use a door lock and pinch guard to prevent slamming. In addition, use door handle covers or latches to prevent kids from opening doors.

3. Opt for Carpet Tiles or Maximize Carpeting At the Very Least!

6 Effortless Design Tips for Making Your Houston Home More Kid-Friendly

Investing in carpet tiles is a great way to cushion falls and tumbles.

If you’re uncertain about parting with your hardwood floors, we strongly suggest maximizing carpeting at the very least by using area rugs.

Opt for polyester or nylon carpet fibers to increase comfort and safety without making it hard to remove stains. We strongly suggest avoiding wool, Saxony, and Berber carpets owing to their impracticality, difficult clean-up, and short life.

4. Replace Risk-Laden Open Storage With Closed Storage

If your home is brimming with open storage, it may be time to make some much-needed changes.

Open wall shelves and cabinets are within the reach of children. They can easily grab items and sustain a potential injury. In fact, open storage also increases the risk of items potentially falling off without external manipulation.

Invest in closed storage to ensure residential belongings are safely put away and out of the reach of children.

5. Don’t Forget to Incorporate Fun (and Safe) Activities Into Your Space!

6 Effortless Design Tips for Making Your Houston Home More Kid-Friendly

All safety and no play?

Doesn’t sound quite right, does it?

While making a home more kid-friendly largely focuses on safety, it also revolves around ensuring your children are happy and active!

A great way to achieve this balance is by incorporating fun (and safe) activities into your space. Whether you invest in a mini kitchen for your toddler or an interactive play set for your preschooler, your kids will have a wholesome time and stay in a bouncy and euphoric mood!

6. Keep Storage Baskets Handy Everywhere

Storage baskets are a lifesaver for parents.

As one of the most practical kid-friendly design tips, incorporating storage baskets in your home will help you heave multiple sighs of relief in the long run!

Instead of running around picking up after incessant clutter, keep storage baskets handy everywhere—yes, we mean everywhere! Keep a basket or two in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and dining space.

Not only will picking up after your kids seem like a piece of cake, but you’ll also manage to clear away spaces much faster.

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