On your search for a new home, what are the things that you’re looking for? A good neighborhood, beautiful aesthetics, a great view—all these things are essential to increase the value of any house. Still, a well-maintained plumbing system is equally necessary for driving up the appeal of a home.

It’s understood that pre-owned homes that show signs of aging may have some faulty plumbing issues. However, some newly built homes may also have weak pipelines and other problems that can cost you thousands of dollars later.

Before sealing the deal, make sure to examine every nook and corner of your potential new home to check for the following common plumbing issues:

The bathroom basics

A leaky toilet and slow drainage are inconvenient issues, and quite costly to fix. Before buying a new home, check for these bathroom basics:

  • See if the toilet, sink, showerhead, and bathtub are correctly installed. You can even apply a little pressure on the fixtures to check their strength.
  • Check for leaks and burst pipes. Discoloration on the walls and floors may also indicate a hidden leakage.
  • Turn on faucets to check the water pressure.

Kitchen fixtures

The kitchen is the heart of any home. A plumbing problem in the kitchen can put your entire household on hold. Besides, how long can your order in? Before buying a new place, check for the following issues to ensure you’ve chosen the right home:

  • Inspect drains and sink to ensure that they aren’t clogged.
  • Examine the garbage disposal to see if it works properly and hasn’t rusted.
  • Check under the sink for any signs of pipe leakage.
  • Turn off the faucets after running them for a while to check for dripping water and leaks.

Water heaters

Evaluate the water heater’s installation and performance by turning it on and giving it a few minutes to heat water. A well-functioning water heater takes no more than 15–20 minutes to warm up the water.

If placed in the basement or the attic, it may be more prone to rust and corrosion. Check the body to spot any signs of rust.

If it makes a strange sound while warming up the water, the water pressure may be too high, or debris may have accumulated at the bottom of the container.

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