Automatic gates require a lot more care than oiling around the hinges and a tweak with the wrench to keep it up and running!

Because of its electronic mechanism, ignoring any issues with your gates damages its components further, causing long-term problems.

So, deal with it immediately; otherwise, a time may come where your gates will be too damaged to repair!

Most Common Problems with Automatic Gates

–         A Loud Grinding Noise

If your automatic gate is generating a lot of unusual sounds, it might mean that a component in the mechanism that moves both gates together and opens is loose, or the component is worn out. Your best bet would be to contact the company that provided you with the gate so that a professional gate repair company can see to it.

–          Sensors Not Working

Check the part of the gate where the sensors are fitted. See any bugs or critters in the crevices? And check for fogginess or dark bits coating the inside of the sensor. If you see any dustiness or dirt clogging the insides, small insects and dirt might be to blame. Insects and vermin crawl into the dark spaces and clutter it up. Clear the obstruction away as soon as possible, and your gate will start working normally.

–         Gate Not Moving, Reacting, or Making Sounds

Check to see if the switch and the breaker are working correctly. Next, check the outlet the gate is plugged into. If other devices are plugged into the same outlet as well, it may cause it to short out. Also, check the ground fault interrupter for all outlets, since a GFI may disrupt power flow.

If everything is working as it should, it might be that your remote controller might be the problem. Replace the batteries, and have it checked to see if it’s broken.

–         Gate Doesn’t Close

Typically, there should be nothing blocking your gate or the area around the sensors. Check the chain and the track for any gate-related problems. Check the hinges as well for anything that’s broken or stuck between them. If you don’t find anything, follow this procedure:

  • Shut off the power supply
  • Detach the gate (chains for the sliding gate, arm for swing gate)
  • Move the gate open and close to see if it still works

This’ll help rule out any mechanical issues. If the gates don’t move, though, it might be time to call in a professional.

Looking for a Professional For Automatic Gate Repairs?

Always contact the leading name for electric gate repairs in your area.

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And if you see any further issues with your gate, don’t try the DIY tactic. Unless you know how these products work, you’ll only end up with a more considerable expense on your hands!