Locking yourself out of your home can be stressful, especially if it’s hot, cold, windy, rainy, or hailing outside. Even if the weather outside is pleasant, no one likes to stay locked out of their home.

Fortunately, a home lockout situation isn’t as bad as it seems in the first few panic-stricken minutes. So, if you’re trapped out on the streets, take a deep breath, sit somewhere, and read this article.

Ahead, we have explained all that you could easily do to get back inside your home. Let’s dive in!

Look for an Open Door

If you have a door at the back of your house or just any door other than the main entrance, check if it’s unlocked. Many times people forget to lock alternative doors before leaving home. And though, to be fair, it isn’t good for your home’s security, it might help save the day in a lockout situation.

wood architecture with open window

Look for an Open Window

Take a walk around your home and see if you left any windows unlocked or open. Most homeowners leave their kitchen windows open for better ventilation and forget to close them before heading out. This approach, however, is only applicable for unlocked and open windows on the ground floor of your home that you can easily climb to jump inside.

Don’t even think of climbing up to an elevated window or breaking a window. Considering any of these options may lead to injuries and higher costs of window replacement and medical bills.

Reach out to Someone You Trusted With a Spare Home Key

If you know someone who has a spare key to your home and lives near your place, talk to them about your situation. Ask if they can bring the key to you or if you could go and pick it up from their location. Make sure they are nearby unless, of course, you are willing to wait under the sky for hours.

Get in Touch With Your Local Locksmith

Although it’s good to try all the above approaches before you get down to this one, we still believe that calling a locksmith is the best and the quickest fix to a home lockout situation. They will come to your rescue in no time and make you another key.

If you want to hire a licensed and well-reputed residential locksmith in Mansfield, TX, get in touch with Sherlock locksmith and Security. Whether you’re stuck out of your home, car, or your office, their experienced and well-trained locksmiths will pull you out of any lockout emergency.