During the recent outbreak of COVID-19, you must’ve noticed the increased usage of your home’s plumbing system while sheltering in place.

Ensuring proper maintenance of your pipes and drains has become even more critical during this time. Here’s how you can maintain healthy plumbing to ensure proper hygiene:

Run hot water through the kitchen sink once every day

The mold and bacteria that accumulate in your kitchen sink can cause many illnesses. If you don’t get rid of these on time, you’re compromising on your family’s immune system and making them more susceptible to the novel coronavirus.

Make sure to run hot water through your kitchen sink at least once every day. This ensures that the oil in food products doesn’t cling to the inner linings of your pipes and reduces the chances of clogging and mold buildup.

You may also add baking soda or vinegar to the liquid and pour it down the sink to get rid of any unpleasant odor or buildup present in the pipe. Don’t use store-bought chemical cleaners to fix your pipes as they can do more harm than good and ruin your pipes and drains.

Run your garbage disposal frequently

Even if you don’t use your garbage disposal, you should run it for a few minutes every other day. This ensures that your garbage disposal doesn’t become rusty and provide a breeding ground for bacteria.

Research has shown that germs can grow in the slimy areas around the rubber stoppers and contaminate your hands when you touch it. To maintain clean garbage disposal, run cold water through it every day with a tiny bit of dish soap to clear away any unwanted contaminants.

In case of malfunctioning garbage disposal, contact Your 1 Plumber for an emergency repair! They’ll fix your problem in a matter of minutes.

Keep your toilet clean

If you clean your toilet more than twice every week, you’re ensuring that it lasts long. The little water jets along the rim of your toilet can become clogged due to bacterial and mineral buildup.

These contaminants can cause illnesses like Hepatitis A and the common cold. Some early research related to COVID-19 has shown that the virus can also be transmitted through fecal matter.

Therefore, washing and sanitizing your shared toilet after every use is vital. Encourage everyone at your house to do the same to ensure that you remain safe and healthy!

For more information regarding healthy plumbing, visit Your 1 Plumber’s website or call them at 1-888-540-7586. They offer sewage cleaning and repair services in Columbia, Fredrick, and nearby counties.