Whether you’re throwing a big Fourth of July party, or just inviting a few close friends and family members for some cocktails, LED lighting can help make your backyard the perfect venue for the occasion.

Energy-efficient, long-lasting LED lights have various outdoor uses, such as patio, deck, and porch lighting, gazebo lighting and tree uplighting. Over the course of this article, we’ll list some advantages of LED lighting that make them the perfect choice for lighting up your backyard.


If you’d like more control over how your home’s exterior appearance at night, backyard LED lights are exactly what you need. Since they cast directional light, LEDs minimize what we refer to as “light pollution”. In other words, the light from an LED goes exactly where you want it to go.


Unlike fluorescent light bulbs that are encapsulated in glass, LED lights neither use neon gas nor filaments, which makes them significantly more durable than conventional light bulbs. Moreover, LEDs are designed to withstand constant vibrations, shocks, and serious temperature fluctuations. According to Consumer Reports, the lifespan of an LED light bulb typically ranges between 20,000 to 50,000 hours – which five to ten times more long-lasting than incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs.


The days when LED light bulbs were only available in bluish-white, cold hue are long gone. The LEDs available today emit a full spectrum of light – just like the sun. Today’s new and improved LED light bulbs have the same pleasing, warm hue you get from a halogen.

No More Pesky Pests

One thing that prevents many homeowners from enjoying evenings in their patios during summertime is the pesky summertime bugs that are attracted to your landscape lighting. The reason why these insects swarm around halogen bulbs is because they love the UV light emanating from them. The great news is that LEDs don’t produce this type of UV light, which means that you can finally wave goodbye to the bugs.


Want to replace your landscape lighting with LEDs but the extra cost of installing new light fixtures is holding you back? Well, chances are that you don’t need new light fixtures! These days, you can find an LED replacement for virtually every type of lighting fixture. If you know a reliable electrical company, your current backyard lighting system can be retrofitted with LEDs easily and affordably.

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