Have you been noticing an odd, unpleasant odor in your living room lately? It may be stemming from your carpet. The source is pretty easy to identify if you have a white or light-colored carpet, showcasing any signs of disruption. However, if yours is a dark-colored or patterned carpet that can camouflage these signs, this may be trickier to spot.

Here are three possible causes of a smelly carpet.

Food Spills

Spilled a drink on your carpet? Dropped a piece of donut frosting side down? Don’t be fooled by the dark color or pattern that conceals the stain. You need to get rid of these before they start stinking up your carpet!

Food and drink spills are all too common. We often wipe these away with a wet napkin or simply remove the piece of food from the carpet, hoping it won’t cause any harm. However, not only do these develop into stubborn stains that are difficult to remove later on, but also cause unpleasant odors, the source of which isn’t always easy to identify. As the food remnants break down, smelly gases are released that contribute to an unwanted stench.


When your carpet gets damp and stays that way for too long, the moisture building up can seep through the carpet. It accumulates underneath the carpet pad, causing a musty odor. If left untreated for long, it can also lead to the growth of mildew and mold which exacerbate the stench, damage the carpet, and even pose health risks.

Moisture can enter the surface underneath the carpet due to humidity. It may also be caused because of potted plants placed nearby that drip water onto the carpet when watered, leaky ceilings, and basement flooding.

Pet Odors

Pet odors are perhaps the biggest contributors of smelly carpets and rugs. As much as we love our furry friends, keeping them from urinating, defecating, or vomiting on the carpet can be difficult to manage.  Our pets tend to use the carpet as their lounging spot as well as their bathrooms, causing an unpleasant smell to linger.

While it’s mostly obvious when an accident has occurred on the carpet, there are occasions when this goes unnoticed. If urine or vomit gets embedded into the carpet fibers, it can be really difficult to eliminate the smell. You may not even realize the source of the odor and be unable to address it, causing the stench to intensify and become even more prominent.

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