Being a cat owner has a string of advantages. Cats help individuals receive companionship, improve their emotional, psychological, and even physical well-being, and also improve their quality of life. However, when your cat starts ruining your carpets and rugs by tearing them apart with its claws, you have a problem.

Here’s how to stop your cat from scratching the carpet.

Prevent Your Cat from Getting Bored

Cats are curious creatures. When they come across new surfaces, they’re naturally inclined to explore them the best way they can: by scratching them. For instance, if you had wallpaper put up in your bedroom, you may find your cat staring at it intently and running its claws against it. Similarly, if you brought in a new rug or carpet, it’s going to want to check that out too. At other times, it’s not their curiosity but their boredom that gets the best of them, compelling them to scratch away at the carpet.

If you want to prevent your beloved carpet from becoming an accessory for your cat’s boredom or fascination, make sure you’re providing your pet with plenty of entertainment and exercise that’ll keep it otherwise occupied. Arrange for attention-grabbing toys and play with your cat often to keep them interested and distracted.

Create a Scratch Friendly Space

While carpet scratching isn’t in any way ideal, your pet does need to scratch somewhere. Scratching is important for its health and wellness as it gives it a chance to stretch as well as to get rid of dead cells on the outer layer of its claws.

To enable healthy scratching, provide your cat with scratch friendly spaces to fulfill its needs.   You can arrange for a horizontal or a vertical scratching pad and place it near their favorite spot. This way, the scratchpad will always be in sight and will receive all the claw action instead of your carpet.

Eliminate Scents and Marks

Sometimes, cats return to scratching a carpet because it reminds them of their previous scratching experience. If the carpet still has your cat’s scent or is disheveled at certain areas where the scratching took place, it serves as too big a temptation to avoid. Thus, it’ll naturally pique your pet’s interest, elude them into thinking it’s their territory, and provide them with a tempting reminder to scratch it again.

This is why you must clean your carpet regularly and get rid of the lingering odor. Doing so will prevent your cat from fondly remembering that they can scratch it again, keeping your carpet intact.

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