Did you just move to a new house? First off, congratulations!

But we’re also going to have to warn you too: did you know that a real estate agent, the previous owner, or maintenance personnel might have duplicate keys to your house? Scary thought, isn’t it?

The situation mandates a change of locks, but it isn’t the only one that does.

Here are a few more:

You’ve lost your keys

Imagine coming back home from a long day at work and realizing that you dropped your keys somewhere. If you don’t have a spare lying around, you’re effectively trapped outside.

The best option in this case is to get the locks replaced altogether. This is not only easy and quick, but will also reassure you that your home is completely safe. If you get a duplicate key made and someone else ends up finding the original, your house may be vulnerable to break-ins.

You just ended a relationship

Going through a separation or a divorce is a rough ordeal. But during this period, you also have to vigilant when it comes to your ex.

If the relationship ended on a bad note, you never know if they’ll seek revenge, vandalizing your property or even stealing some of your possessions. This is especially frequent in live-in relationships, where your partner had duplicate keys and if the lines of ownership are blurred.

Getting the locks changed not only keeps you and your possessions safe but will also help you avoid any unwanted encounters with your ex.

We recommend doing the same if you’ve just been through a dispute with a roommate or a friend.

Your locks are worn down

No matter how good your locks are, they will eventually get old. This will be evident when they become difficult to operate. As a result, you won’t be able to put in the key and open the lock as easily as you once did.

Locks usually get worn down if you don’t get them changed for a long time. Your lock may have fallen prey to excessive wear and tear or rust. Please note that a worn-out or rusted lock can be picked easily. So stay safe and get it replaced!

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