A report from Miami Herald, dated January 3rd, 2020, claims that the supply of industrial spaces like warehouses hasn’t dipped in two consecutive years. However, due to robust demand, there’s still a shortage of warehouses in the region. To cover this supply gap, developers have been taking on new construction projects.

With industrial construction projects mounting numbers, there’s a growing concern to choose the right flooring—and epoxy flooring is the top choice. Flooring is as fundamental to the architecture and interiors as the foundation, and plays a major role in the functionality of the place. From durability to strength, industrial floors must meet standards of the highest quality, in order for businesses to run smoothly. That’s why having a long lifespan is essential, and epoxy flooring has maintained a record in that.

Business Needs

There are various types of industrial spaces—automotive shops, warehouses, cold storage buildings, and manufacturing plants—and each have their own flooring requirements. Just as grease and oil leaks are common in automotive spaces, acid spills are frequent in chemical plants.

Some businesses need slip protection for the safety of workers in their industrial space while others may need corrosion-resistant floor coating for chemical spills. You need to choose a flooring option that meets these needs best.

Epoxy floor coating has proved to be an excellent choice that checks all the boxes. It can remedy all the problems that are commonly experienced in warehouses and such spaces, and therefore is the top choice for industrial flooring.


Once you’ve made your choice for the flooring, you need to make sure it’s a sustainable option. Regardless of how great an option seems for your business at face value, it can be a hassle to maintain in the long run. Since maintenance acts as a buffer against the wear and tear from floor traffic, it can impact the sustainability of your flooring choice.

You want floors that can perform equally well throughout their lifespan and require minimal maintenance. Epoxy floors are low-maintenance and provide the most robust foundation for your space with the least effort. They don’t require repairs or refinishing frequently and protect the underlying flooring material from all elements as well.

Lifespan of Epoxy Floors

These two factors play a major role in determining the lifespan of any flooring choice. Epoxy flooring boasts of a longer lifespan, compared to other flooring options. This hard-wearing floor coating can survive the toughest of conditions and serve you well with few maintenance requirements. With a regular cleaning routine, they can last for as long as 3 years. Since epoxy floors are a topper in longevity, they’ve earned popularity as a reliable flooring option for industrial spaces.

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