You probably have a whole bunch of wood furniture in your house that you use every day. However, they might be looking worn out and in constant need of furniture repairs. This can be annoying, especially if you bought all these items as an investment.

It’s possible you’re doing something wrong with their upkeep. To keep your wood surfaces gleaming, there are some things you should be doing to take care of them. Here’s what you need to know.


Know How To Clean

You should always know how to treat wood during cleaning time. If you don’t clean wood furniture the way it needs to be, you can damage the polish and the material underneath. Never use a glass cleaner or other harsh chemicals to get rid of the dust.

Dust regularly, because the grit is abrasive and can settle into grooves. The best way to clean wood surfaces is to wipe clean with a cloth that’s been dampened with warm soapy water. Be careful not to soak the wood!

If you have to go in for some deep cleaning, then look for a cleaning solution that’s been designed for wood items.

Accessorize For Protection

Keeping your furniture looking good as new is mostly about using it carefully. Tables and dressers usually go through a lot of rough usage. From perfume stains to glass rings, these essentials see the damage that’s so easily preventable.

Make tablecloths a permanent attachment to the dinner table. Coasters and placemats are also great for preventing spills directly onto the wood. This will do half your work for you

Be Careful About The Environment

Wooden furniture is not immune to the weather, so you have to protect it as much as you can. Place it in a cool and dry place, if possible. Hot temperatures, especially when coupled with humidity, can cause the wood to expand and contract, which will make it degrade over time.

Direct sunlight can lighten and damage the furniture due to the intensity of the light rays. Be careful about pests and bug infestations, as that can be fatal for all kinds of wooden surfaces and materials.


Restorations Work!

Sometimes keeping furniture looking good can mean calling in a professional. In case you didn’t know, there are service providers that can do furniture restorations and repairs for your antique wood furniture or refinish your modern pieces. Make sure you look for a service that will make sure to keep your other surfaces safe as they work, like On Site Wood Wizard does.

Look up their process online, as this can serve as a suitable standard to hold any furniture touch-up and cabinet restoration company. If you’re in Danville, CA, or a nearby location, you should reach out to them for a consultation on your furniture and cabinets. Call them at 925-370-1489 to find out more!