Keeping your outdoor pool spotless and in an shape doesn’t always have to be a tiring task, as most homeowners may believe. Pools come in different shapes, sizes, designs, and are built using different materials, which is why each of them requires a different set of maintenance protocols. Despite the differences, however, they all share one characteristic: they all require regular care and cleaning to stay in their top condition. If you think you can take care of minor pool issues such as murky water or damaged water pipes, make sure you always seek assistance from the pool OEM manual of your pool.

Though, we recommend hiring professionals to take care of your swimming pool needs; it’s also important for homeowners to be aware of the basic maintenance tips for their pool.

Here are some tips to help you keep your pool in great health for years to come.

Skim Debris From Pool’s Surface


This is probably one of the easiest and fastest approaches to cleaning your swimming pool. All you need to do is to collect all the debris floating on the pool’s surface with your hands or a long pool skimmer. The leaves, insects, dirt, and other debris will eventually sink down to the floor of the pool, making it difficult to remove. Skimming keeps your pool’s water cleaning and circulation system from getting clogged and boosts its operations.

Regularly Clean the Strainer Baskets

Removing all the accumulated dirt and debris from the strainer basket is another way to enhance the efficiency and smooth functioning of your pool water circulation system. It will also lower the amount of chlorine your pool would require to stay clean. For an above-the-ground pool, it’s best to mount the basket strainers on the sides. For in-ground pools, attach them to the pool deck. To clean these baskets, remove the basket and use a high pressure air hose to get rid of the stubborn debris from the net.

Regular Vacuuming and Cleaning the Walls

To keep your water clean and reduce the chlorine demand, vacuum the floor of your pool at least once every week. For long lasting results, pair this cleaning routine with brushing the walls of your pool, whether they are tiled or plastered. For plastered walls, use a stiff-bristled brush and for tiles, use a softer one.

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