Curious about how epoxy flooring will look in your home or office? 

The short answer: Absolutely fantastic. Okay, it wasn’t a one-word answer, but it’s hard to encapsulate the advantages of epoxy flooring in a single string of alphabets.

For starters, it’s incredibly durable and can handle the heavy weight regularly with ease.

Moreover, the material and labor costs to install the epoxy floor is quite low, which makes it a solid investment option. In addition to that, it’s stain-resistant and requires little to no maintenance.

In this article, we’ll answer the top five FAQs about epoxy flooring. Let’s get started!

FAQ#1: Are concrete polishing and epoxy flooring almost the same?

Concrete polishing gives a similar shine and feels to the floor as epoxy flooring, but it’s not as sturdy and long-lasting.

Moreover, it doesn’t offer stain resistance and can be difficult to maintain, i.e. require regular buffing.

It’s not a suitable option for long-term flooring, especially for spaces with heavy—or even moderate—foot traffic.

FAQ#2: How long does epoxy flooring last?

Epoxy flooring is extremely durable and designed to withstand harsh weather and environment, which guarantees a longer lifespan.

When installed professionally, an average epoxy floor can easily last around a couple of decades, or even more—depending on the material quality and foot traffic, of course.

FAQ#3: Where can epoxy Flooring be applied?

Epoxy flooring is an affordable, hard-wearing and low-maintenance flooring option which makes it ideal for places with high foot traffic, including cafes, hotels, libraries, lobbies, gyms, showrooms, and even warehouses.

Moreover, they can be an ideal flooring choice for your kitchen, garage, and patios.


FAQ#4: What’s metallic epoxy flooring?

Metallic epoxy is a unique multi-layered epoxy floor that contains a metallic additive to provide interesting effects.

It can help create spectacular looks and effects while offering all the benefits of regular epoxy flooring.

From 3D appearance and exotic designs, there are plenty of visual effects that you can choose to create an attractive and unique floor.

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FAQ#5: Can I install an epoxy floor by myself?

The installing process of an epoxy floor isn’t very straightforward.

It involves creating the right solution mix, preparing the concrete base, and complex drying and layering work, which is best performed by a professional.

A small mistake can lead to a bubble, chipping, and uneven flooring, leading to a waste of your valuable resources and time.

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