Studies conducted by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) revealed that every year, over 600,000 homes are affected by termite infestation.

Why is this a concern for homeowners? Because on the discovery of a termite infestation, the value of a property falls by nearly 20 percent—and that’s just if the damage is discovered in time to be treated.

Here’s how a termite infestation can affect the value of your home.

1. Weakens the structural integrity of your home

Termites eat their way through materials from the inside out. That means that the surface might look fine on the outside, but it has completely deteriorated from within. This includes your floor, columns, and walls.

Extensive termite damage can cause parts of your house to collapse, and that could be fatal.

2. Increases repair costs

Once termite damage is discovered, you will need to repair certain sections of your home. These renovations are often expensive and time-consuming. According to some estimates, a homeowner will, on average, spend $3,000 to fix damages caused by termites.

3. Causes furniture deterioration

One way termites can make their way into your furniture is through the foundations of your home. Often, they’re already present in the furniture when you bring it home. When you’re buying second-hand furniture from the thrift store or possibly eBay, inspect the item thoroughly.

Usually, there are tell-tale signs of termite infestations—brown fecal pellets, tiny holes in the woodwork, etc.

4. Lowers the aesthetic appeal

Termite damage can begin to manifest in your home. Visible signs that lower the aesthetic appeal of your house include:

  • Stiff windows and sticky doors
  • Dark marks as a result of termite droppings
  • Papery or hollow-sounding timber
  • Termite tunnels near or outside your house
  • Cracks in the walls

5. Affects the resale value

Once you find termite damage in your home, you are legally required to disclose this at the time of the sale. The details still need to be revealed even if you’ve made necessary repairs. This can make your house look unattractive to the buyer who might choose not to buy it or ask you to lower the price.

Pro Tip: Once you get the termite damage fixed, make sure you keep all the receipts and inspection documents to strengthen your case at the time of the sale.

The first step in dealing with termite damage is prevention. Get an experienced termite inspector to assess your home for potential damage.

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