An average regular concrete and plaster pool is built to stay put for at least seven to ten years, if it’s properly maintained. However, some pools may be subjected to wear and tear before they reach the end of their lifetime because of several external factors such as water quality and weather conditions. Over time, minor wear and tear can grow into bigger problems such as a rough and uncomfortable surface, dark stains on the surface, fading of the color, and others that may make your pool area unsightly and uninviting.

While many homeowners may ignore these issues assuming they can do well without the aesthetics and curb appeal, they don’t realize that there can be more severe consequences for avoiding their’s condition.

Here are three alarming signs that your pool requires an immediate resurfacing by professionals.

Plaster Peeling Off

Resurface Your Pool

Inspect the plaster of the walls of your pool or the surface and see if it’s peeling off. The peeling off of the surface can be identified by walking going under water and touching the surface with your palms. Experts call this “spalling”, which is commonly caused by higher alkaline or acidic levels of the pool water. It isn’t possible to repair only the effected parts. The only viable solution to address spalling is through resurfacing the pool.

Cloudy Residual

If you begin to notice chalky residual close to the edges of your swimming pool almost regularly, it’s an indication that your pool’s surface might be breaking down. This shouldn’t be ignored and a pool resurfacing service must be hired immediately.

Stains on the Surface

If you notice stains on the surface of your pool’s walls, it’s a sign that your pool might be deteriorating at the bottom too. Stains on the floor of the pool cannot be seen until you swim under water to the bottom surface with goggles. This is why it’s best to keep a check on the walls of your pool. Stains aren’t just unsightly, but they can often mask bigger issues such as algae growth and deep cracks. So, if you notice any stain-like structure or actual black stain on your pool’s surface, call for a reliable pool resurfacing or refinishing surface.

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