The budget is tight, and your dreams for a beautifully designed home are far from coming true. But is this really enough of a reason to give up?

Considering an average homeowner’s circumstances, we can’t very well ask you to take out a loan to decorate your home. But this also doesn’t mean you can’t employ a few tips and tricks to make it look breathtakingly gorgeous and luxurious.

Courtesy of celebrity interior designer in Los Angeles, CA, Donna Livingston, here are some tips you can use to make your home look more aesthetically pleasing, without worrying about your budget!

1. Get Rid of the Excess Clutter

Having that old chair set from the 80s because it belonged to your grandmother is not going to solve your space issues. If you want to give your home a new look, you must be willing to get rid of any excess furniture and clutter that’s taking the attention away from your home’s beautiful interiors,” Donna Livingston states.

Following the less is more approach, Donna suggests purging your home of anything unnecessary. Not only will you have more space to play with, you’ll feel liberated too!

2. Get Crafty

Old paintings, discarded wallpaper, a gift-wrapping paper you loved and squirreled away—there are plenty of things you can use to decorate your home and make it look like a million bucks. For old photographs and cherished paintings, swap out the frame to breathe some new life into the art.

Decorate corridors with vibrant wallpaper to make them stand out more, and repaint the furniture.

kitchen interior design

3. Draw Inspiration

The great thing about being able to present my work to the world, is that many times, I get messages from homeowners saying how they loved a detail they noticed in one of my decorated homes that they imitated in their home décor as well. And that’s what I love,” Donna added.

From crown moldings to paint combinations to change the color of the pillows, there are plenty of little things you can incorporate or take inspiration from, by looking at other people’s homes and observing how their décor complements the overall design.

4. Think Functionality

Luxury settings aren’t all about hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of furnishings and décor!

Functionality and practicality are a major factor. So, rather than limiting yourself by following conventional styles of design, think outside the box.

A bunk-bed style set-up with a study table underneath, multi-purpose furnishings for extra storage, ladder-style shelves for bathroom storage; there are many ways you can make your home practical, while maintaining that chic factor.

minimlistic bedroom design

5. Accessorize

Something that you’ll notice in my home designs is that I love playing with accessories and metallic shades. Using gold for that pop of color, stainless steel for neutral and cool tones—accessories are the best element to use if you want to add character to your home’s set-up!”

Donna also suggests using artwork, trays and candles to freshen up the space, and to use the overall color palette as your guide on what metal to use for the room. It’s best to go with the theme of the room, rather than the contrast.


Donna Livingston’s motto when it comes to affordable residential interior design services Los Angeles is creativity and freedom. So, utilize her technique and free yourself from traditional, conventional styles of décor. Stay within your budget, but give your home the upgrade it deserves!