Your refrigerator seems to have broken down. And the thought of all that food spoiling is making you panic.

First, let’s assess the situation. For your food, make two piles: one of the items that can be kept on the counter, and one for food that needs to be kept cold. The latter includes meat, dairy products and eggs. Store them in an icebox with a bag of ice and keep the box in a cool place, so there’s no danger of it being exposed to extreme temperature.

Next, let’s figure out what your refrigerator requires. For this, we asked the experts at the New Jersey service, All American Appliance Service to provide us with some information!

Diagnosing Your Refrigerator Issue

–         Motor Problems

Pull your refrigerator away from the wall and listen to the motor. Is it making a sound? Do you feel the motor running? Check your refrigerator temperature. Is it warmer than usual? If your motor is noisier than usual, it might be at fault.

–         Outlet Issues

If your refrigerator isn’t making any sounds at all or is dead, check the outlet. It could be that the slot has either loosened up or malfunctioned. Use another small appliance and plug it in to see if the socket is working. Alongside, check the plug of the refrigerator itself for issues. If the plastic near the metal bit of the plug is melted or warm, you’ll have to get it changed. You’ll also need to bring in an electrician to check the outlet.

–         Dirty Cooling Component

While the refrigerator is pulled away and unplugged from the socket, take this opportunity to check the cooling component as well. The fan and the cooling coil in your refrigerator require cleaning semi-regularly. If you can access these particular components of your fridge, use a vacuum cleaner or brush to clean the parts and try to turn on your fridge after. If it still doesn’t work, you’ll need to call in a professional for the job.

Save Money on Your Investment

Considering that your average refrigerator can cost upwards of $350 all the way to $1,200, it’s important that you take care of your investment by bringing in the right people for its maintenance and repair.

Companies such as All American Appliance Service in Bergen, Passaic and Rockland county offer repair services for refrigerators, sub-zero and otherwise.

If you’re in New Jersey, get in touch with them, and have your fridge seen to by a professional refrigerator technician!