Your home is a considerable lifetime investment; in fact, it’s one of the most valuable assets you’ll ever own. The value of a home often depends on its condition.

So a problem with your garage door can often result in the loss of property value, especially since it makes the first impression on potential buyers.

A damaged garage door can also be dangerous for you and your family. It makes your home susceptible to theft and can increase the risk of injuries to residents as they continue operating it.

But how do you figure out whether it’s better to repair a garage door or replace it entirely?

Here are some factors that could help you decide:

Cosmetic Damage

Over time—due to reasons such as the weather or accidental impact—paint can chip, panels can crack, and colors can fade. While this doesn’t affect functionality, it does affect the appearance of your home.

But it doesn’t mean you need to replace the entire garage door. Just a few simple repairs and a paint job can have your garage door looking brand new again.

Wear and Tear

Wear and tear starts to show up on your garage door as it ages,not only making it look bad, but also hiding more serious damage to your garage door. However, this might just mandate the replacement of individual panels or parts that have rusted.

In case the wood has warped or cracked extensively (causing severe structural damage), or the door is more than 15-years-old, it might be time to replace it.

Functional Damage

If you are in a situation where your garage door has completely stopped working, you might be looking at functional damage. The machinery that allows you to operate your garage door can get damaged due to incorrect installation, massive impact, or faulty parts.

Sometimes it can be fixed with a simple repair or replacement of that particular part. However, if the issues are more significant, it might necessitate a full replacement of the garage door.

The best thing to do is to call in the experts. They can give you a better idea of whether it’s better to replace or repair your garage door.

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