Nikola Tesla deserves our respect for paving the way for electrical appliances to be invented because they make life so much easier. But he also deserves a tiny amount of lambasting for not telling us how to fix all the problems that can sprout in all these appliances.

Just because the Teslas and the Edisons of the electrical world haven’t left a manual behind that tells us what problems we’ll have with our appliances, doesn’t mean you can’t know what they are.

And knowing what they are is the trick to preventing them in the future.


Thank God for refrigerators; no one likes to have hot sodas or molten ice cream. But having a fridge also means you can easily run into one of the following problems with them:

  • Food isn’t cooled properly, or not at all
  • It “sweats” during summers
  • It resembles the North Pole
  • There’s mold growing in the rubber seal
  • There’s no food!


We love bread—especially toast. With butter. And it’s absolutely a bummer when you run into one of the following problems with your toaster:

  • The cords are too short!
  • The toast isn’t toasted evenly—or isn’t toasted at all
  • The toast refuses to leave the toaster
  • You can smell a burning odor in the toaster—that doesn’tsmell like burnt bread
  • The toast isn’t jumping out of the toaster picturesquely—like they do in cartoons


Not only do dishwashers make doing the dishes more fun than they could ever have been, they are also pretty energy-efficient. They use a lot less water than what you’d use when you’re doing the dishes by hand, and they do it quickly! But it’s also pretty common to run into the following problems with a dishwasher:

  • Unclean dishes—which indicates that your dishwashing isn’t dishwashing
  • It isn’t starting
  • It either fills up and keeps filling up or doesn’t fill up at all
  • There’s a lot of noise in the washer
  • Water keeps leaking from the washer or doesn’t drain at all
  • Its door won’t latch completely or wouldn’t latch at all

Washing Machines

Last but not the least, we have washing machines on our list—the appliance singlehandedly responsible for making us look presentable at all times, no matter how old the clothes. Which is why it sucks when the washing machine:

  • Doesn’t fill with water
  • Stops working, in the middle of a cycle
  • Washes your clothes, but they smell terrible
  • Refuses to open its door
  • Makes too much noise
  • Doesn’t spin right round, baby, right round, like a record

The Solution to All Your Appliance Grievances

Unless the issue with your appliance is the lack of food in your fridge or the toast not popping out as it does in cartoons (it never does, sorry to burst your bubble), All American Appliance Service is here to help.

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