No offense to those who love the season of snuggles and hot chocolate!

But as someone who thrives on the idea of a clear blue sky, a nice warm summer afternoon, and popsicle juice sliding down your wrist, quite frankly, you can’t wait for winter to be over and done with!

But, despite your excitement, you know there are some parts of summer you’re not looking forward to; like your home appliances conking out on you.

So, why not take pre-emptive measures, and have them seen to now, so you can enjoy your summers worry-free!

Home Appliance Issues and What You Can Do to Solve Them

–         Clogged Disposal System

Smell that sewerage stink in the kitchen, despite it being clean? It’s likely that food scraps have gotten stuck in your disposal system and are causing problems for your pipe.

If you host food-centric events, have your disposal system seen to by a professional before you go about welcoming guests in your house. You’ll likely won’t have to deal with the gross, gunky mess yourself if you bring someone else onboard.

Afterward, remember not to pour any harsh drain cleaners down the pipes, and to use those scraps as compost. Your plumber will likely thank you for the effort.

–         Malfunctioning Washing Machine

Surprised? Don’t be!

Your washing machine gets a heavy workout during the summer, especially if you have kids at home for summer break.

If your washing machine starts shaking, making grinding noises or using too much water, this means it’s time for a tune-up. For older models, giving your machine a break in-between loads help. Otherwise, you’re better off contacting a professional technician. Just in case your washing machine needs some repairs or maintenance.

–         Fridge/Freezer Conking Out

Extreme weather can do a number on your home appliances, in particular, your fridge and freezer!

If you’ve placed your appliance in an area of the house where the temperature might spike to 120°F–130°F, this temperature hike causes your appliance to run even hotter, so it can maintain its temperature. But in turn, that wears out the essential components much faster.

First, place your refrigerator and freezer in a cooler area, and give them some space around their body so they can put off heat more easily. Second, get in touch with a professional appliance service in your county. Especially with sub-zero refrigerators, contact a company that specializes in their repair and maintenance, such as All American Appliance Service that serves customers in Bergen, Passaic and Rockland County, New Jersey.

Get Ready For Summer!

Think of this as an investment!

By taking care of these appliance problems beforehand, you’ll have a trouble-free summer to enjoy and all the comforts of home you deserve!