According to the US Department of Energy, power outages are more common in the US than you’d think!

They lead to economic loss, lots of inconvenience for homeowners and businesses alike, and can even last up to several days in the worst cases!

The only way to protect yourself from this scenario is to get a standby generator. Here are some of the benefits of doing so:

A smooth transition

Most standby generators take about ten to thirty seconds to power on—and they do so automatically. If you’re in the middle of a dinner or attending to guests, you don’t have to go through the hassle of turning it on and off yourself.

This is also invaluable for business operations. If you’re delivering an important presentation to a potential client, the system will turn the power back on so a bad impression isn’t made on the client.

A standby generator will automatically disconnect your building from the municipal utility lines if there’s a power outage. This protects your appliances from sudden power surges and spikes. And when the power returns, your generator will only transfer you back to the utility supply after the voltage stabilizes.

High capacity

Most generators have enough capacity to provide power to most of the appliances you need—of course, this is dependent on you buying the right model. This includes all the devices your business needs to keep running.

As for homeowners, even devices like air conditioners and refrigerators—known for their high wattage—can keep running on the right standby generator.

Many standby generators also support heating and cooling systems, irons, computers, and televisions. This means you won’t miss out on your favorite late-night show even if the power goes out!

Keep your business running!

Hospitals and testing laboratories, in particular, need an uninterrupted power supply to operate medical devices. Even if the power goes out, doctors need to be able to continue performing surgeries and administering oxygen supplies. Some samples need to be refrigerated as well, and patients need to be kept warm.

Another important industry that relies on a constant source of power is food and hospitality— comprising hotels, restaurants, bakeries, and coffee shops.

If the power goes out for too long, these businesses not only lose out on sales, but also on inventory. Without power, the food in the pantry will spoil, dirty dishes will pile up, and chefs won’t be able to plate their signature dishes.

In times like these, a standby generator will enable your store to provide sustenance to local residents who have no power. This might even help your business put up a positive image.

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